Foundation Repair

foundation repairHigh Tech Basement Systems is well-known in the Bowling Green, Louisville, and Lexington area for basement waterproofing services, but we also offer professional foundation repair. Our structural repair experts have taken care of sinking foundations, leaky wall cracks, bowed walls, and many other types of problems. Your home's foundation is incredibly important. After all, this is what supports the weight of your entire home. When there's a problem with your foundation, you need to get it taken care of immediately before it causes other problems - and it will cause other problems in time! Even a simple leaking wall crack can cause significant damage if neglected. This could turn into a flooded basement or a leaking crawl space which grows dangerous mold and bacteria. Regardless of what kind of problem your foundation has, we will be sure to take care of the issue so that your home is structurally safe and sound for many years to come.

If you notice any of the following warning signs, it could indicate that there's a problem with your home's foundation:

  • Wall or floor cracks
  • Bowed walls in the basement
  • Windows and doors that don't open or close like they should
  • Cracks which form along the corners of window and door frames
  • A chimney which is slanted or looks like it's pulling away from the home
  • Leaking cracks which result in puddles on the floor of your basement

Foundation problems are typically a result of the soil around your home, or from how your home was built. It doesn't matter how old or new your home is, if it wasn't built using the right materials in the foundation, or if care wasn't given to use the right building techniques, it's just a matter of time until problems start cropping up. We understand it can be frustrating to have bowed basement walls, wall cracks, a sinking home, and a variety of other problems. However, rest assured knowing that we will get them taken care of! High Tech Basement Systems is a name you can trust. Just ask our past customers!

Foundation Settlement Repair

foundation settlementWe have seen many local homes which have been effected by foundation settlement. We understand that most people don't know what this term means or what it could say about their home. Foundation settlement can cause one or more walls of your foundation to actually sink into the earth. A lot of clients will call us and say that they have a sinking home, or it looks like one side of their home is deeper in the dirt than the other. This problem is, again, usually caused from poor soil conditions around the home, or from bad construction materials and techniques. Regardless of what has caused the sinking foundation problem, we can help! We will come to your home, evaluate your foundation, and then recommend the right course of action to get it taken care of. We have a variety of foundation piers we can install to take care of your sinking home. No longer is foundation replacement the only solution to this problem!

Foundation Piers

We offer the following:

  • Helical Piers - These foundation piers are made from strong, steel materials and look like a giant screw. It's no wonder that they are "screwed" into the earth and into stable soil. Once we hit the right soil, the pier will be put into place. We will set up a few piers around your foundation. Then, the weight will be transferred off of your sinking home and onto the helical pier. Over time, this can help to raise your home back up to the right level.
  • Push Piers - These foundation piers are similar to helical piers and are also made from durable metal. They are hydraulically-driven into stable, load-bearing strata. Once installed, these piers will also shift the weight of your home onto themselves, and this will help to push your home back up to where it needs to be.
  • Slab Piers - Slab piers are often used to take care of sinking concrete floors inside the basement of a home.

Bowed Wall Repair

bowed foundation wallBowed walls are often a result of hydrostatic pressure in the soil around your home. They could either be leaning in toward the top or toward the bottom of the wall. These walls are definitely an eyesore inside your basement environment. It doesn't matter if you plan on finishing your basement or not. If you have bowing basement walls, you will need to get them repaired before they fall in on themselves and trigger even more expensive damage that will need to get taken care of. Fixing bowed walls is simple nowadays since foundation replacement is no longer the only solution.

High Tech Basement Systems makes use of wall anchors, as well as wall supports and braces to take care of leaning walls inside the basements of area homes. Our wall anchors and supports can be installed quickly and don't require much digging around your home. Once installed, these systems and devices will be able to provide the pressure necessary to counteract the hydrostatic pressure from the soil and push your basement walls back to where they need to be.

Wall Crack Repair

Wall CracksThere are many different types of wall cracks, and our foundation repair experts have seen and fixed them all! It's important to have wall cracks taken care of as soon as you notice them. If you don't, they could get bigger over time and allow water to seep into your basement or crawl space. This is bad news, especially if you don't have any kind of waterproofing system installed! We offer a variety of wall crack repair methods, and the one we use will depend on what kind of wall crack you have, as well as how severe it may be.

We fix the following types of wall cracks:

  • Horizontal wall cracks
  • Vertical wall cracks
  • Diagonal wall cracks
  • "Stair-step" wall cracks

If you would like more information about our repair services, please give us a call or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you soon!